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Procharger: Stage II Intercooled System for 2018-2020 F-150 (5.0L 4V)




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Vendor: Alpha Motorsports, Inc.




Procharger: Stage II Intercooled System for 2018-2020 F-150 (5.0L 4V)

Ford redesigned F-150’s 5.0L engine for the 2018 model year creating the Gen-3 Coyote that made 395 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque. Of course, ProCharger developed an intercooled supercharger system that put it through the paces with an extra helping of safe, yet decisive intercooled boost that bumps that power by 50-55% ( or a whopping 60-70%+ with the Stage II system)! 

A ProCharger standard, these supercharger kits come 100% complete with all hardware and tuning included and you can bolt-on the full system in your garage in only a few hours. Of course, not everyone wants to turn wrenches, so if you prefer to let the pros handle the project ProCharger’s expansive network of installing dealers means you’ll have no problem finding a quality installer in your area. So whether you want to install the supercharger system yourself or have a dealer do it for you, the time is now to pull the trigger since we’re shipping the 2020 F-150 kits as you read this! 


 High Output Intercooler System with P-1SC-1   6 psi   50-55%+   3 core 1FY411-SCI
 High Output Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1   specify   specify   3 core 1FY401-SCI
 Stage II Intercooled System with P-1SC-1   8 psi   60-70%+  Race 1FY511-SCI
 Stage II Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1   specify   specify  Race 1FY501-SCI

 Tuner Kits: These kits make sense for someone wanting to perform custom tuning of the car and push the envelope in performance.  Will most likely be experimenting with alternative fuels such as 93 octane, race fuel, E85 fuel, and methanol supplemental fuel. In addition, possibly changing engine components like heads, headers, exhaust, and cams for the engine.


The HO Intercooled System for the 2020-18 F-150 5.0L 4V delivers an impressive 50-55%HP power gain on just 6 psi of boost utilizing our patented and durable P-1SC-1 self-contained supercharger, built to last for many miles. This HO system comes standard with our large 3-core intercooler for cooler air and higher performance while utilizing the factory fuel injectors and running on pump gas.

For those F-150 owners seeking maximum performance, the Stage II System delivers a massive 60-70%+ gain on an engine friendly 8psi of boost, with an upgraded air-to-air Race intercooler with a 4.5: thick core for maximum cooling performance. Tuner kits are also available for both HO and Stage II (see optional upgrades below.)

  • ProCharger P-1SC-1, 3 year warranty available
  • ProCharger’s patented, self-contained oiling design requires no external oil lines
  • 3-core air-to-air intercooler, 3 year standard warranty
  • 8-rib dedicated drive bracket system is standard
  • ProFlow anti-surge / bypass valve
  • Includes tuning and handheld programmer
  • System is 100% complete with OEM appearance and quality
  • 8-9 psi of boost
  • Air-to-air race intercooler
  • ProCharger P-1X, D-1SC, D-1X and F-1 series supercharger head unit upgrade
  • Satin, Polished or Black finish for supercharger and/or bracket
  • Helical gear set for noise reduction (P-1SC-1, P-1X, D-1SC, D-1X)
  • Race bypass valve


PLEASE NOTE: A 5% surcharge will be added to all PROCHARGER orders effective October 15, 2021. This is in addition to the current product pricing, it is not a product price increase. More details about surcharge HERE​. 


    Here at Alpha Motorsports, we also offer full install, start-up calibrations, and dyno tuning. There are many options available for Procharger kits. If you have any questions please contact us at 810-893-6265 Ext. 1 or email and we will help configure the proper system to your goals!