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Procharger: Intercooled Race Kit w/ F-1A-94, F-1C, or F-1R for 2008-2013 C6 Corvette (LS3)




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Vendor: Alpha Motorsports, Inc.




Procharger:  Intercooled Race Kit w/ F-1A-94, F-1C, or F-1R for 2008-2013 C6 Corvette (LS3)


With millions of boost-enhanced miles under their tires, ProCharged Corvette owners enjoy the best of all worlds: everyday reliability and driveability combined with incredible power that is just a toe-tip away. Owning and driving a Procharged Corvette is an exercise in simplicity. With the patented and proven, self-contained ProCharger supercharger design and simple but effective air-to-air intercooling, there is no need for special fuels, additional modifications or extended cool-down times. In fact, ProCharger systems have been painstakingly designed to be installs on completely stock Corvettes – no additional modifications required.

The front facia design on the C6 Corvette allows for the use of a single, center-mounted, air-to-air intercooler system. When coupled with the high-flowing, durable and extremely efficient ProCharger, this air-to-air intercooler substantially improves overall performance and engine reliability. With a P-1SC-1 self-contained head unit and highly-efficient air-to-air intercooler system, the LS3 Corvette kits continue the legacy of ProCharger's industry leading LS1, LS2, LS6 and LS7 supercharger systems.

Thanks to the ProCharger mounting location, there is no need to purchase, prep and paint an aftermarket hood as there is with some other Corvette supercharger systems. In fact, once the ProCharger system has been installed, the car still appears “stock”. There’s also no need to tap into your engine’s oil system for supercharger or turbocharger lubrication, nor do you have to replace your factory exhaust system or headers.

While all ProCharger Corvette supercharger systems are available as 100% stock vehicles, we recognize the fact that some Corvette owners are looking to add the awesome power and reliability of a ProCharger to their modified or “built” engine combinations. That’s where a ProCharger Tuner Kit comes in.

ProCharger Tuner Kits exclude fuel components and computer tuning solutions, but otherwise, are identical to complete systems. These kits are intended to be tuned by ProCharger dealers specializing in tuning supercharged engines (that's us!) Tuner Kits are also used on stock engines when a ProCharger dealer will be supplying the fuel system and custom tuning.


  • Satin, Polished or Black finish
  • P-1SC-1 supercharger
  • D-1SC supercharger
  • F-1D, F-1, F-1A superchargers
  • 6 or 8-Rib drive systems (8-Rib 2008 models)
  • Helical gear set (for noise reduction P-1SC, D-1SC)
  • Race Bypass Upgrade
  • Air-to-Air Race Intercooler Upgrade

LS3 Systems

Description Hp Gain Max Boost Intercooler Part #
  HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 supercharger (manual) 45-50%+ HP   7 psi C6 3 Core
  HO Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1 supercharger (auto/manual) specify specify C6 3 Core 1GQ202-SCI
Stage II Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 supercharger 45-50%+ HP  7 psi C6 3 Core 1GQ314-SCI
Stage II Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1 supercharger specify specify C6 3 Core 1GQ304-SCI
Intercooled Race Kit with F-1D, F-1 or F-1A specify specify Race 1GQ402-SCI
Intercooled Race Kit with F-1A-94, F-1C or F-1R specify specify Race 1GQ402-F1C

*Higher boost levels are available for modified engines.

Over the years the power levels of Corvette C6's with ProCharger superchargers have been pushed from 550rwhp to a mind-blowing 1,491rwhp! A little while back Procharger released their new "Race" air-to-air intercooler that has already been destroying the dyno rollers to the tune of 1,457rwhp! With these big power cars becoming the norm nowadays, ProCharger has added a Stage II C6 Corvette system to the product lineup.


SUPERCHARGER INLET: With big power comes the need for big airflow to the blower. The Stage II Corvette system will come with a 3.50" inlet tube combined with a high-flowing, reusable air filter. Procharger has also incorporated a direct drive into the Stage II system. This direct drive belt system is able to decrease the overall length of the belt by over 40%, creating an ultra-strong grip.

The Stage II system comes standard with a 6 rib blower drive belt running off the factory balancer. If you already have an existing HO ProCharger system, and are looking for an upgrade. Each item can be purchased separately as well. - Stage 2 Inlet - Stage 2 Direct Drive System - Race Intercooler Upgrade. Yes, even the race intercooler that Procharger launched in 2014 can be purchased as an upgrade to existing kits, or as an option when purchasing a new system.

PLEASE NOTE: A 5% surcharge will be added to all PROCHARGER orders effective October 15, 2021. This is in addition to the current product pricing, it is not a product price increase. More details about surcharge HERE​. 


Here at Alpha Motorsports, we offer full install, start-up calibrations, and dyno tuning. There are many options available for Procharger kits. If you have any questions please contact us at 810-893-6265 Ext. 1 or email and we will help configure the proper system to your goals!