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Holley Hyperspark Distributor - Jeep 258




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Vendor: Alpha Motorsports, Inc.




Holley Hyperspark Distributor - Jeep 258

Introducing HyperSpark Ignition, from Sniper EFI. Designed with one goal, to easily add Ignition Timing Control to nearly any Sniper EFI installation. The HyperSpark Distributor housing is billet aluminum stuffed with a Hall Effect crank signal sensor for a noise-free rpm signal to your Sniper EFI ECU. The complete system consists of a High Output HyperSpark CD Ignition Box (556-151) that produces 535 volts of primary voltage all the way up to 12,000 RPM and a HyperSpark ignition coil (556-152) that sends 45,000 volts worth of fuel-burning power to the plug, ensuring complete fuel combustion!

Hyperspark CD Ignition Box (556-152) and Ignition Coil (556-151) sold separately.


  • Hall Effect crank trigger sensor housing provides a noise-free RPM signal to the Sniper ECU
  • Recommended for Sniper EFI BBD, 550-858,550-859 or 550-860
  • Billet distributor housing provides corrosion resistance and stylish looks!
  • Patented Clear Installation cap eliminates any confusion while installing the distributor.
  • Easiest plug and play way to add timing control to a Sniper EFI Installation.
  • Distributor shutter wheel is pinned and welded to the shaft, for decades of reliable accuracy.
  • Includes Wire Retainer for a clean installation.
  • Comes with Cast Gear Installed - contact camshaft manufacturer for recommended gear material.

    We also offer full install, start-up calibrations, and dyno tuning. Unsure if this will work in your vehicle? Give us a call 810-893-6265 or email and we will help configure the proper system to your goals!