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We Are An Authorized Dealer of Procharger Superchargers

If you want to maximize your vehicle’s power and performance, a ProCharger system could be the way to satisfy your need for speed. And  your favorite speed shop is the only authorized dealer of Procharger Supercharger systems north of Detroit. They are designed to turn your vehicle into a powerful machine you’ll be proud to show off in the streets of Flint and beyond.

ProCharger Supercharger Systems

ProCharger is the number-one manufacturer of aftermarket superchargers and has been giving cars a power surge for more than 25 years. Depending on the ProCharger system you choose, you can enjoy a boost of 50% to 80% more power!

Here are just a few reasons to choose a ProCharger supercharger:

  • They’re efficient and reliable.
  • ProCharger offers the widest range of supercharger products in the automotive industry.
  • These high-quality systems feature top-quality appearance, with your choice of finish (choose from polished, satin, and black).
  • ProChargers are backed by extensive warranty coverage.

Get supercharged at Alpha

Alpha Motorsports is your authorized dealer of ProCharger supercharger systems, so you know where to go to get help navigating your options when you’re in the market for a major power boost. Our experts can answer your questions about the ProCharger lineup and help you decide which one will meet your needs best. We also have a top-quality service center where you can have your system professionally installed the right way and trust that the work will be done efficiently and affordably.

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Visit or call us today

Whether you’re considering a ProCharger supercharger for your current vehicle or are wanting to add some power or aesthetics in other ways, come visit us or give us a call and we can help you with all your needs for speed.


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