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3 Types of Fuel Pumps and How They Work

The electric fuel pump is the most commonly used fuel pump that you will find. It has mostly replaced the mechanical fuel pump. You will find that the electric fuel pump is located directly inside the fuel tank. In comparison to the mechanical fuel pump, the electric fuel pump pumps gas to the fuel injection system at a much higher pressure. Because of this they are found in most new or newer cars as opposed to the mechanical fuel pump.
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How To Gap A Spark Plugs With & Without Tools

Using the gapper is simple. All you need to do is slide the spark plug electrode opening into the gap opener and gently move it over to the smallest side of the gapper. Once it hits the 0.02” area, press the electrode down until it’s flush on each end of the gapper.
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How To Do A Leak-Down Test

Leave all the spark plugs in except for the cylinder you’re testing. You’ll need a breaker bar or long- handle ratchet and socket to turn the crank nut.

1. Warm up the engine, so the rings have a chance to seal.

2. Pull the spark plug out of the cylinder you want to test.

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How To Choose The Right Turbo's For Your Build

We can help you choose the right size turbos for your projects.  Read more and let us know what questions you have to get the right set up and reliable power.
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