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What Is A Transmission Flush?

Even though this process is straightforward, flushing has downsides. Flushing costs more than a fluid change, since an expensive machine has to be used. Some shops will mark up the prices even more than usual, since they have already purchased an expensive machine for the process. Be wary when going to these mechanics, since they might automatically suggest a transmission flush for any solution.

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How To Maintain Your Boat Motor

  • Periodically check the fuel line for cracks and worn spots.
  • Make sure the fuel primer bulb is not cracked and is pliable.
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Cheap options for more performance!

Bear in mind that increasing boost too much will cause engine damage. Do your research, be careful and consider reaching out to a professional for guidance.
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Are Ecotecs A Good Choice For An Engine Swap?

As with most swaps and adapters, just about anything is possible—the key is figuring out how to do it affordably. Electronically speaking, there are several companies that will pare down or sell you a new Ecotec engine wiring harness with a computer programed for your engine and application. Our company can help you get your Ecotec running in just about anything as well as supply parts ranging from wiring and sensors to complete engines.
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The Importance Of A Cars Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)

Mass airflow sensors are normally used on fuel injected engines. A car’s mass airflow sensor regulates the amount of air coming into an automobiles fuel injection engine. it submits that information to the engine control unit. The data is critical because it allows the ECU to administer the right volume of fuel to the engine. There are many problems that a bad MAF can create. Your engine is likely to run poorly if you do not get the problem fixed. 
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How To Choose The Right Fuel Injectors

When it comes to engine performance, the buck ultimately stops at fueling. After all, if you don’t have enough juice to go with that cool air and hot spark, you’re ultimately selling yourself short. Worse still, a fuel system that can’t keep up with the rest of your setup can ultimately lead to engine damage. And that’s why it’s important to make sure the fuel injectors you’re using are up to the task.
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We Are An Authorized Dealer of Procharger Superchargers

Alpha Motorsports is your authorized dealer of ProCharger supercharger systems, so you know where to go to get help navigating your options when you’re in the market for a major power boost. Our experts can answer your questions about the ProCharger lineup and help you decide which one will meet your needs best.
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3 Types of Fuel Pumps and How They Work

The electric fuel pump is the most commonly used fuel pump that you will find. It has mostly replaced the mechanical fuel pump. You will find that the electric fuel pump is located directly inside the fuel tank. In comparison to the mechanical fuel pump, the electric fuel pump pumps gas to the fuel injection system at a much higher pressure. Because of this they are found in most new or newer cars as opposed to the mechanical fuel pump.
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